I'm Bailey Busch, a growth and product marketer living in San Diego

Selected works

Check out some of my projects. Email me – baileybusch@gmail.com

About me

My ideal day involves a cup of coffee, a bicycle and some nerdy talk about startups. I dreamt of being an architect when I was growing up and turns out I really like architecting digital goods and businesses too.

This is me

Worked at small shop near the water and learned what its like to be a business owner. Went to school for entrepreneurship. Worked in-house at an agency and fell in love with design and product. Went back to school in San Francisco, did a startup fellowship program for growth marketing. Currently working on designing better marketing.

SEO / Content
Paid Advertising
Email Marketing / Automation
HTML Coding


It's always great to get a note from someone. I'm constantly amazed by the things people are building and love to help craft meaningful solutions. I believe marketing is powerful, and am passionate about the role technology can play in the growth a business.

Want to surf? Want to grab coffee? Neither, just want to get down to business? No problem, that form over there is yours for the filling. Do with it what you will. You can also connect with me in a variety places around the web.